Learned about the .plan file on unix systems.

Thought this was an interesting precursor to Twitter and that it should be re-introduced as a way to find and learn about people you are interested in.

Facebook killed the Internet Home page, so I'm taking it back using my own Apache web server.

What is this Finger protocol?

Finger displays the user's login name, real name, terminal name and write status (as a ''*'' after the terminal name if writepermission is denied), idle time, login time, office location and office phone number. Login time is displayed as month, day, hours and minutes, unless more than six months ago, in which case the year is displayed rather than the hours and minutes. Unknown devices as well as nonexistent idle and login times are displayed as single asterisks.

What is WebFinger?

A way to attach information to an email address, or other online resource.

WebFinger is used to discover information about people or other entities on the Internet that are identified by a URI using standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) methods over a secure transport. A WebFinger resource returns a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) object describing the entity that is queried. The JSON object is referred to as the JSON Resource Descriptor (JRD).

For a person, the type of information that might be discoverable via WebFinger includes a personal profile address, identity service, telephone number, or preferred avatar. For other entities on the Internet, a WebFinger resource might return JRDs containing link relations that enable a client to discover, for example, that a printer can print in color on A4 paper, the physical location of a server, or other static information.

How to create a .plan and .project file