I have plans

Initially this site would only have single pages and some sub domains to hold my online experiments and some articles, but now I am going to expand this site with multiple "articles" or as I will call this content: "~/.plan".

Multi-step Thought process:

  • Content First: what do you want to share
  • Formatting Second: how do you present your ideas?

In Step 1. I would like to add more plans and experiments to this site. In 2., I will expand this site's articles as plans - short snippets or thought blurbs and bubbles; mostly un-edited.

As an editor I will be using Emmet in VS Code (requires HTML files). I've activated the Emmet keybinding for quick wrapping of HTML tags.

Keeping the layout as simple as possible and the content short.

Daily log style

Every plan ends with a meta info block which shows last updated and the size of the plan entry.

Using Apache SSI for this as this requires absolutely no setup or server maintenance other than keeping the file templates up-to-date.

Note: Writing pure HTML is weird if you're used to writing in Markdown notation, even with Emmet. The HTML tags are simply very distracting and I feel myself having to focus on formatting instead of the content of what I want to write.