Web Bluetooth

I got a RaspBerry Pi and this triggered my attentation and curiosity back to build something cool with Espruino and the 5 Puck.JS devices I had lying around since I first packed the 2015 KickStarter campaign.

In recognition of the hard work Gordon Williams is putting into Espruino and JavaScript programming in general, I - finally - started to support him with a small monthly donation through Patreon.

I also purchased a copy of Gordon's book "Making Things Smart".

Now for the task: the idea is to build an open/close door sensor using a Puck.js device and program it to send MQTT packets which should alert me through integration with Web Hook (IFTTT) if the door is opened / closed. The Pi, functioning as a Bluetooth LE HTTP Proxy, will collect these packets and keep a log of them.

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