Introduction to Netlify and the JamStack

Connected my Github account to Netlify today and I've set up a super simple test project. Netlify is really interesting! Intrigued by the authentication and form features to start and how its seems to present a better way of deploying (static) sites.

Deploying HTML and other resources is straightforward, but how would it keep developments to a connected DB in sync?

Going to have to start looking at Eleventy aswell as an alternative to Jekyll. Perhaps I'll even migrate my blog over from Github pages to Eleventy and Netlify...

Those ideas will be the subject of a new plan.

Lots of new topics to cover:


Because an Eleventy powered site builds HTML pages that can be uploaded anywhere, this can potentially be used as a static landing page generator for any kind of website.

Define a template and your component, run Eleventy and BOOM, out comes ready to use HTML code.


So instead of Netlify I am using now to deploy this site and thanks to the power of Eleventy it has been much easier to deploy to any other web host and even share this site on the peer-to-peer web.

Since I am not using any fancy forms (yet), it's all just HTML, CSS and some images.

So I am considering this plan to be completed.