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As this website is what is know as a "static website", I can literally host it within seconds on any Web host.

Some mirrors might be a little outdated as not all of them are built at the same time.

Primary Domain

My main or primary web hosting is at, hosted in The Netherlands at

Next to that I keep copies or mirrors on various other services, mostly free ones and also a version on a peer-to-peer network.


This site is also available on This one builds directly from the source code on my Github repository when I push to master. Often this will have the latest version of my site.

IPFS peer-to-peer sharing

What is IPFS? The acronym stands for Inter Planetary File System.

It is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, websites, applications, and data.

I use it for keeping mirrors of this website on, so in case my main webhosting disappears, there could be still copies accessible on the IPFS network.

Bare with the slowness of the gateways; that's unfortunately the nature of IPFS. Content that is not very popular needs to be searched from somewhere on the network and that traversal can take time, or could even fail any time - gateway time-outs.

Here's a list of IPFS gateways you should be able to find this site on:

What is an IPFS gateway?